Here is a little backstory on why I started this print shop. Working as a professional photographer partially full time from 2016 to full time from September 2018, I initially didn't think much about my personal landscape photography, which resulted from the times I took the camera out to enjoy some recreational time with nature. I focused on my commercial, editorial and event work and the moments landscapes came into play was when I was on location, capturing beautiful nature and landscape shots for mainly commercial image banks or editorial images. 

My personal landscape work only saw glory as the background wallpapers for my phone and laptop, which I did enjoy. The odd image featured on my main Instagram (which can be found here). I honestly just enjoyed being out in nature while experiencing and capturing its beauty though my camera as well as enjoying the grading process afterwards to bring out what I most desired in my images and experimenting with new grading techniques and looks. 

The person who initially saw value in my landscapes was my mum. Value doesn’t necessarily mean monetary figures either. It can mean spiritual, emotional, mental and physical value in one's life. One year, Mum asked me to print and frame one of the sunset images I captured on a family vacation in Rarotonga for her birthday. So I did. 

She was ecstatic with her present! The colours and quality was just so vivid in your hand. It bought back that feeling of satisfaction you experience when you print out your images, an experience I discovered in University when I was printing out my photography assignments. Dad mounted the frame on the wall (that was always Dad’s job) and Mum’s eyes lit up! I will admit, I too loved seeing my image on the wall. This continued for years as Mum’s presents continued to be a print for the wall. (Lucky for Dad cause he got to enjoy them too). 

When I asked Mum why does she love the prints so much she said, “they brighten the room. They are a window of escape into the beautiful serenity of nature. Whenever I feel stressed I look at one of your gorgeous pictures and it brings me a sense of calm and allows me to momentarily escape.” 

That was beautiful and the same feeling I experience when I go out and capture and create these images. And that is when I realised I could allow others to have this feeling, to have an image of escape, calm and peace in their room of choice. When Queensberry (legend NZ photo printing and album company) started this print shop feature, I jumped on it. During the time of Covid-19, it made me realise how important it is to find your calm, especially in dark and uncertain times like this global pandemic that halted the planet. As a photographer, like many other industries, I was unable to work, which gave me the time to build this print shop!

Using top quality fine art photographic printing, I have decided to make the prints themselves as affordable as possible with a simple 8x12 print (A4 ish) at only $35.00 (plus shipping all over the world). Having a smaller option is my effort to allow my work to reach and give peace to more humans across the world (that works great as a desk print). As well as the option for larger prints and high quality canvases and frames available. 

I hope you enjoy experiencing my Print Shop. If you are interested in the other work I do, my main site can be found here

Thank you x